Reclaimed Sleepers


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Size Single Rate Pack Rate Pack Quantity
2.6m x 250mm x 150mm Approx Size £32.50 £30.50 24

Any goods purchased at pack rates can only be returned and refunded provided the complete pack is returned.

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2.6m x 250mm x 150mm (Approx size), 2.6m x 250mm x 150mm (Pack of 24) (Approx size)


Reclaimed sleepers must not be used for the following:

Inside buildings, whatever their purpose, In toys, In playgrounds, In parks, Gardens and outdoor recreational leisure facilities where there is a risk of frequent skin contact. In the manufacturing of garden furniture and use and any re-treatment of:
Containers intended for growing purposes, packaging that may come into contact with raw materials, intermediate or finished products destined for human and/or animal consumption.
Other materials which may contaminate the products mentioned above.
Frequent skin contact is to be avoided, when handling sleepers you must wear long sleeve and protective gloves.

We regret we are unable to cut the reclaimed sleepers.


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