Oak Sleepers


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Size Price Each Pack Price Each Pack Quantity
2.0m x 200 x 100 £28.50 £26.50 30
2.4m x 200 x 100 £36.00 £34.00 24
3.0m x 200 x 100 £46.00 £43.00 30


Any goods purchased at the pack rate can only be returned and refunded provided the complete pack is returned

When left on concrete etc, fresh sawn Oak can leave tannin stains –
Although in our experience this will naturally clear over time, you may wish to avoid this.


Additional information

Sleeper Size

2.0m x 200mm x 100mm, 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm, 3.0m x 200mm x 100mm, 2.0m x 200mm x 100mm (Pack of 30), 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm (Pack of 24), 3.0m x 200mm x 100mm (Pack of 30)


Oak sleepers are not cut to 100% square finish and will contain some natural (wane) edges

As with all timber some splitting occurs during the drying process


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