Mini Post Hole Digger with Fibreglass Handles


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  • For the speedy removal of soil when digging fence posts
  • Fibreglass, non slip handles
  • Steel blades
  • Fibreglass shaft
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Mini post hole diggers offer a fast and effective way of easily digging fence post holes. As an alternative to a spade, the post hole digger is a hand tool that enables you to remove soil quickly to produce deep, narrow, vertice sided holes. These smaller hole are more appropriate for fence posts, meaning less concrete is required to fill the hole.

This mini post hole digger features non-slip fibre glass handles, a fibre glass shaft as well as steel blades, making it abrasion and corrosion resistant.

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The Mini Post Hole Digger is a double blade shovel idea for removing dirt for the installation of fencing posts. Designed for the installation of smaller diameter fencing posts


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